This is how coronavirus (COVID-19)

affects in Student Union SAMMAKKO

SAMK campuses will be opened in a controlled manner starting on 14 May

  • SAMK campuses will be opened in a controlled and gradual manner starting on 14 May.  Working and studying from home are still primarily continued. Visiting a campus is possible without a special permit.
  • You only enter campuses when in good health. When in campus, you should take care of safe distances and good hygiene.
  • Tuition is given according to the timetable. Teachers contact the students if teaching or guidance arrangements possibly change.
  • Pori and Rauma campus libraries will be opened on 1 June. However, lending activities begin on 14 May.
  • EXAM examination rooms will be opened in a restricted manner on 14 May on Pori and Rauma campuses.
  • Student services will open on 14 May with reduced opening hours.
  • The gym on Pori campus will stay closed until the end of July.

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Photo: SAMK (Veera Korhonen)

Take responsibility of preventing the virus 

💦 Wash your hands regularly and often

☝🏼 Avoid touching your face

🤕 Cough and sneeze to your sleeve

😷 Stay at home 

☝🏼 Avoid crowded places and attend to events with caution

⚠️ Follow and share information only from reliable and official authorities, such as Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland – THL

Student Union serves students online from now on

SAMMAKKO’s customer service points in Pori and in Rauma are closed for now. We will be serving students online, by phone and in social media. If your cause requires a visit to the customer service, please agree about the visit 24 hours before.


If you get coronavirus symptoms

If you have returned from a trip abroad or you are being suspected of having a possible infection and you get symptoms of respiratory infection, please contact Satasairaala’s guidance by phone (02 627 6868) 

If you have visited foreign countries, SAMK suggests you to have a maximum 14-day distance studying period. In this case, contact your tutor teacher beforehand. 

If you are worried about the virus

The healthcare workers in campuses are working for the well-being for each and every student. You can find the contact information for public health nurses here. You can also contact the national corona phone (0295 535 535). 

If you, your family or friends are sick or in the risk group, or you get anxiety symptoms or if you are in need to talk, you can always contact to student pastors. You can also contact them through Whatsapp. 

In Pori: student deacon Johanna Simola (, 0400 309 771) and student theologian Heikki Hesso (, 0400 309 459)

In Rauma: student pastor Milla Voudinlehto (, 044 769 1288)