Marianne Mäkelä will act as a Secretary General of student union SAMMAKKO after Tara Vallimäki. Tara proceeds to new challenges after the end of the fixed-term employment relationship. Marianne Mäkelä has worked as an adviser of tutoring and sports since 2010. Mäkelä is Secretary General until Satu Koivisto, Secretary General, returns from her parental leave.

In the place of adviser of tutoring and sports at the student union SAMMAKKO has been chosed Annina Suominen. Annina Suominen is a Bachelor of Social Services and Bachelor of Business Communications. “I was really pleasantly surprised when I got this job. I look forward to future challenges!” Annina says.

SAMMAKKO welcomes Annina warmly!

New contact information:

Marianne Mäkelä, +358 44 322 7503,
Annina Suominen, +358 44 322 7506,

For more information about changes, please contact:

Marianne Mäkelä
Secretary General
044 322 7503

Tuomas Saarnilahti
Chairperson of the Board
044 322 7502