SAMK has renewed its strategy. Its vision is for every student to be employed. Why is the strategy made and how is the vision reached? We asked and the managing director, rector Jari Multisilta answered!

What is the strategy and why is it being done?
A strategy is simply a plan to reach a desired goal. It ensures that we take the right actions towards the goal.

Why should I be interested in the renewed strategy? How does it affect me as a student?
The strategy guides everything SAMK does and tells us where we are going. Our vision is that each of our students will be employed and the strategy will guide us in all of what we do to make that vision happen.

What does it mean that SAMK profiles itself as an industrial higher education institution?
SAMK has already profiled itself as an industrial higher education institution in the previous strategy period. Traditional industry is widely present in Satakunta, but the term also means, for example, the experience industry.

How were students taken into account when developing the strategy? What about the future – how are students consulted to make the strategy work?
The students provided feedback and development suggestions in a survey conducted by SAMMAKKO in August–September 2019. Student feedback was available to the management team and SAMK’s board when the new strategy was developed. The strategy guides all activities at SAMK. Regular meetings between the rector and SAMMAKKO’s representatives also discuss the implementation of the strategy, and SAMMAKKO’s representatives can raise their own views on the implementation of the strategy or possible new measures at these meetings.

If only three things were to be known about the strategy, what would they be?
1. Vision: All SAMK students will be employed.
2. Mission: SAMK provides experts and developers for the region and promotes internationality and entrepreneurship in Satakunta. The economic and industrial structure of the region requires SAMK to be able to offer extensive education and research opportunities in the fields of health care and social services , business administration, and technology.
3. Profile: SAMK profiles itself as an industrial higher education institution. SAMK has the responsibility to produce customizable competence to meet the modern and versatile needs of working life in the region of Satakunta and the neighbouring areas, and in the chosen fields all over Finland.

How to achieve the goals of the strategy? What to do next?

Each strategic goal contains at its best a dozen measures. Monitoring indicators have been developed for these, and those responsible for the measures have been identified. Examples of measures:

Objective: SAMK has a comprehensive range of work-based and diverse degree and lifelong learning packages.
Action: Initiate in-service training leading to a degree and including elements of a degree to address labor supply problems in specific sectors.

Objective: SAMK strengthens the integration of international students, teachers, researchers and other experts by developing study and work opportunities.
Action: Significant expert assignments will also be put into international search.

Objective: SAMK is the unifying force of the region’s working life, education and research cooperation.
Action: Increase academic research and publishing activities at the internationally distinctive frontiers of research.

Objective: SAMK is a competent and prosperous university community.
Action: Bring the information produced by the new course feedback system into continuous improvement processes and discussions of teaching development.

Objective: Effective action creates room for maneuver.
Action: Target communication and marketing measures for low-attractiveness training programs.

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