Student Union



The Student Union SAMMAKKO is a dynamic community of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences students. SAMMAKKO exists to provide representation, facilities, services and activities to its members. The basis of the Student Union activities is defined by the UAS act. SAMMAKKO has about 2800 members and represents altogether 6000 students. SAMMAKKO is a member of The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK ry and the Finnish Students Sports Federation OLL.

SAMMAKKO is a representative organization led by the students of SAMK. Each year in November SAMMAKKO members democratically elect a Council of Representatives of 20 students amongst themselves to serve a one-year term. This Representative Council is the highest authority in the Student Union and responsible for making decisions about strategies and resources as well as appointing the Board and the student representatives for SAMK government.

The daily activities in the Student Union are run by the Board and the hired officials. The Board consists of a chairperson, vice chairperson and 4-8 members. All members of the Board are studying in SAMK and are engaged in these positions of trust by a voluntary basis. The Board and officials work for students wellbeing on following areas: educational and social politics, internationality, communications, tutoring, sports, student culture, services and events. The Council of Representatives appoints the Board yearly inNovember and the term is one year. The duties of the Board and the Council of Representatives are more closely defined in the rules of the Student Union.

Student Advocacy


SAMMAKKO’s main task is to supervise the interests of SAMK students. Our aim is to sustain and develop the quality of studies and to promote the status and wellbeing of students. Through statements, policies, tutoring, events and most of all making sure the student voice is heard, SAMMAKKO is here to make sure that students are able to make their years in SAMK the most memorable yet.

The advocacy of SAMK students is the only reason for our existence. If you want to influence our actions and make a difference – get involved!

We are here for you! Feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas or feedback!

Harrasment Officers


SAMMAKKO has three harassment officials who offer guidance and support for students who have encountered discrimination, bullying or harassment. Harassment officials work under confidentiality and all further actions will be decided with the student in question.

SAMMAKKO’s Harrasment officers are

Huda Sharif

Janne Lagerroos

Laura Pullinen
044 322 7509



Student Representatives in SAMK

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Board of Directors
Markus Helminen

Student selection committee
Aino Mustalahti
vice member Viivi Ranne

Degree committee
Sonja Haapakoski
vice member Jasmin Nieminen