Still wondering what kind of video it could be? Here are some tips for you!

-You can shoot video anytime, anywhere.
-You don’t need a movie set to shoot, just a webcam or your phone! The video can also be filmed as “selfie”.
-We don’t criticize the way the video is made or the quality – only your personality matters!
-Video’s purpose is what you are: do you love long walks in the woods? Why wouldn’t you film the video right there?

Come to Pori’s office to get inspiration, help, tips or shoot the video!
Take your own phone or camera. We can also shoot with SAMMAKKO’s phone.

If you feel that video application is not your thing:
Book your time for group interview:

Instruction for the video application:

Film a video of yourself that is up to 4 minutes long.

The video should contain the following information.

– Your name, introduce yourself in english
– How many years have you studied and in what field
– Describe yourself
– Your character as a teamworker
– What motivates you
– Why do you want to be a tutor?
– What makes you a good tutor
– What would you develop in tutoring and what kind of things you would arrange as a tutor?
– Your dream of the future

Send an application before February 3th to an e-mail:, with an email subject:
“Application for” and one of the following:
– a peer tutor
– a corresponding tutor
– an international tutor
– a sports tutor
– an online tutor

Attach your application
– Your contact information (First name, Last name, school email and phone number)
– Information about current job and number of hours / week
– Other time consuming hobbies
– Earlier group counseling experience (whether you have been a supporting student, a coach or leader in an army, etc.)