SAMMAKKO is responsible for tutoring services in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Tutors are students who offer guidance for other students especially in the beginning but also during the studies. SAMMAKKO recruits and trains tutors yearly in January-April. Working as a tutor gives you valuable experience on counselling individuals and groups as well as friends around the world! Students of SUAS can receive 5 credits from tutoring into free elective studies.

Peer tutoring
Peer tutors offer support and guidance for new students especially in the beginning of studies. Their most important task is to familiarize freshmen with new surroundings and school’s practices and thereby make the adaptation into new situation as smooth as possible! Peer tutors usually work for one academic year though most of the actions focus into the beginning of semesters.

International tutoring
International tutors are degree students of SUAS who guide and support incoming exchange students. International tutors help exchange students in acculturation. They assist in everyday practical issues and offer guidance and support wherever needed. Tutors usually contact exchange students already before they even arrive in Finland. All international tutors get a few “own” students whom they tutor the whole exchange period.

Wellbeing tutoring
Well being tutors are students tasked with familiarizing other students with different forms, modes, and services of movement. Wellbeing tutors provide information on campus sports services as well as outside exercise / hobbies and know how to guide the students to the right help, for example in mental health problems.

 The wellbeing tutor acts as a mediator of various wellbeing events and services, and in addition to mobility experiments, organizes various lower threshold bigger or smaller events that promote learning ability. The well being tutor not only moves the student but is also aware of the importance of sleep and recovery.

 Wellbeing tutor work closely with CampusMoWe.

 Callidus tutoring
Callidus tutors are student mentors who offer experience-based support and instruction for other students in certain courses. Lectors recruit callidus tutors into courses when needed. Callidus tutors can receive either study credits or compensation in money from tutoring.

If you come up with any questions about tutoring, feel free to contact SAMMAKKO’s adviser on tutoring.