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Decisions of the Representative Council Meeting 1/2021

Decisions of the Representative Council Meeting 1/2021

The Student Union Representative Council gathered for its first meeting of the year remotely on Thursday, January 29th. Decisions of the meeting: Henna Tammisto (alternate member Nadja Grönfors) was elected as a member of the Student Selection Committee Nadja Grönfors...

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Recording: FSHS info 21.1.2021

Recording: FSHS info 21.1.2021

The student union SAMMAKKO organized a bilingual (Finnish & English) FSHS information on Thursday 21 January 2021 at HILL. The information session reviewed FSHS's services and service points in Satakunta and the student's health care fee to be paid to Kela. Watch...

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The Student Union SAMMAKKO is a community for all SAMK students. SAMMAKKO makes sure that student life in Satakunta is memorable. In student festivities we party with you and on the campuses we are responsible for your well-being – common sense in the head, a twinkle in the eye.

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